Primer 2-1

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The AI disruption in candidate selection

When improving first-year retention rates by 10% could save an organisation with 60,000 employees approximately $4 million direct costs, an AI-powered selection tool is worth considering. 

However, what tools are available, how do they work, what job level do they work for? Though there is a lot of interest to improve the selection process, the challenge is how and what tool will work for my organisation? 

This report looks at the business case for using AI-powered assessment tools, maps out the market, and dives into several in-depth case studies. 

Deep dives into vendors, including: 

  • Mindx (acquired by HireVue)
  • Arctic Shores
  • Seedlink
  • TribePad
  • Traitify 
  • Knack
  • Humantelligence